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PuClas4 is a new e-learning tool about pressure ulcers and incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD). Access to the tool is granted after online registration. 

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Collaborating and Networking in Örebro, Sweden
07/12/2022 - by Anika Fourie
Collaborating and Networking in Örebro, Sweden

The Skin Integrity Research Group held an International Nursing Research Day, hosted by Örebro University, Sweden on 7 December 2022.

The SKINT team networked with their Örebro University colleagues regarding their joint research projects.

During the Nursing Research day there were discussions regarding the topics presented e.g., the think-aloud method, pragmatic clinical trials and, mixed method research applications.

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Master's degree proclamation
22/10/2022 - by Anika Fourie
Master's degree proclamation

SKINT members Hannelore Hofman and Julie Deprez officially received their master's degrees in Nursing from Ghent University on 22.10.2022. Now as PhD candidates within our team, we are looking forward to their projects within the domain of skin and wound care with Prof. Dimitri Beeckman as their supervisor. "CONGRATULATIONS!" and all the best!

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